What is another word for recruiter?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪkɹˈuːtə] (IPA)

Recruiters, also known as talent acquisition specialists, play a crucial role in hiring talented individuals for various organizations. Besides these two terms, there are many other synonyms for recruiters, such as hiring managers, staffing specialists, employment coordinators, and human resources representatives. Staffing agencies may employ people with job titles like employment agent or placement specialist to steer people into new positions. Similarly, executive search firms might use titles like headhunters, talent scouts, or placement agents. Regardless of the title or organization, the role of a recruiter is to find, evaluate, and attract job candidates to fill vacant positions in a company.

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What are the opposite words for recruiter?

Antonyms for the term "recruiter" include words like dissuader, detractor, and discourager. While a recruiter aims to attract and persuade candidates to join their organization, a dissuader discourages others from doing so. A detractor actively tries to dissuade people from supporting or joining an organization, while a discourager works to deter or discourage others from pursuing a particular course of action. Other potential antonyms for the term "recruiter" might include words like disbander, reducer, or release agent, all of which imply a sense of dismantling or reducing an organization rather than building it up.

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Usage examples for Recruiter

I myself have long known that Hunter was Duvillard's vote-recruiter in the affair of the African Railways.
"Paris From the "Three Cities""
Emile Zola
He returned to Samoa and engaged as a "recruiter" in the labour trade.
"By Reef and Palm"
Louis Becke
The astonishment and confusion of the French recruiter were so great that he was unable to make any reply; but instantly retired, venting a tremendous ejaculation.
"Paris As It Was and As It Is"
Francis W. Blagdon

Famous quotes with Recruiter

  • When I was younger I used to go out looking for squalid brawls in the streets of Newpest. This got a couple of people stabbed, neither of them me, and led in turn to my apprenticeship in one of the Harlan’s World gangs, Newpest chapter. Later on I upgraded this kind of retreat by joining the military: brawling with a purpose, and with more extensive weaponry, but as it turned out, just as squalid. I don’t suppose I should have been as surprised as I was—the only thing the Marine Corps recruiter had really wanted to know was how many fights I had won.
    Richard Morgan

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