What is another word for provider?

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The word "provider" refers to someone or something that supplies or offers. There are various synonyms for the word "provider" that can be used in different contexts. For instance, "supplier" can be used when referring to someone that provides goods or raw materials. "Source" can be used when referring to the originator or creator of something. "Donor" is another synonym that can be used when referring to someone who gives money, resources or assistance to others. "Grantor" is another alternative that can be used when referring to someone who provides financial assistance or funding. Other potential synonyms for "provider" include "sponsor", "caretaker", "protector" and "benefactor".

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How to use "Provider" in context?

A provider is a person or a company who provides a service. Common examples of providers are Internet service providers, phone companies, and utility companies. Providers can also provide services such as health care, transportation, and education.

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