What is another word for redrafted?

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[ ɹiːdɹˈaftɪd], [ ɹiːdɹˈaftɪd], [ ɹ_iː_d_ɹ_ˈa_f_t_ɪ_d]

Redrafted is commonly understood to mean to revise or rewrite a document to improve or update it. However, it can be helpful to have synonyms for the word to add variety to your writing. Some interchangeable words for redrafted include revised, amended, edited, improved, reviewed, modified, updated, refined, and rewritten. These words convey a similar meaning to redrafted but can be used creatively to give a unique flavor to your writing. When choosing a synonym, consider the context of your writing and the tone you want to convey. Synonyms can help keep your writing interesting and engaging, so go ahead and experiment with words to find the perfect fit.

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    How to use "Redrafted" in context?


    Redrafting legislation is an essential step in drafting effective, beneficial legislation. In order to improve the quality of an existing piece of legislation, it must be re-drafted in a way that is more concise, effective, and relevant to the current needs of the state.

    There are a number of reasons why redrafting legislation is necessary. First and foremost, outdated, ineffective, or irrelevant language can render a bill null and void. Secondly, a bill can be improved by incorporating changes that have been suggested by members of the public, lawmakers, or experts.

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