What is another word for alter?

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[ ˈɒltə], [ ˈɒltə], [ ˈɒ_l_t_ə]

Synonyms for Alter:

change (verb) correct (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Alter:

  1. walter;
  2. altar, falter, psalter, salter, halter;
  3. gibraltar;

Quotes for Alter:

  1. My personal life is the same. At the end of the day, this is just a job. I love what I do, and it's a great job. But it's like my alter ego. There's Chris Brown the singer. And there's Christopher Brown, the down -home Tappahannock boy that plays video games and basketball and hangs out. Chris Brown.
  2. What an immense power over the life is the power of possessing distinct aims. The voice, the dress, the look, the very motion of a person, define and alter when he or she begins to live for a reason. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps.
  3. Religion always remains higher than everyday life. In order to make the elevation towards religion easier for people, religion must be able to alter its forms in relation to the consciousness of modern man. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Idioms of Alter:

  1. Circumstances alter cases.;