What is another word for formulated?

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"Formulated" refers to the act of creating or developing something, often through a structured or deliberate process. Some synonyms for this word include "devised," "constructed," "created," "developed," "generated," and "crafted." These terms all suggest an intentional effort to bring something into being, and may be used to describe anything from a plan or strategy to a chemical compound or formula. Other related words that may offer a slightly different nuance include "fashioned," "designed," "initiated," "established," and "conceived." Ultimately, the right synonym for "formulated" will depend on the context of the sentence and the writer's intended meaning.

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The word formulated means creating or developing a plan, idea, or theory. The antonyms for formulated could be unformulated, disorganized, uncertain, or chaotic. Unformulated means that something has not been fully planned or thought through, and can be used to describe a half-baked idea. Disorganized refers to something without proper organization, such as a messy workspace. Uncertain means unsure or in doubt about something. Lastly, chaotic describes a situation that is completely out of control and lacks any order or structure. These antonyms help to convey the opposite meaning of formulated, highlighting a lack of planning, organization, certainty, or chaos.

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Usage examples for Formulated

M. Thiers formed a coalition cabinet representing different shades of political feeling, and in one of his early speeches, on March 10, he formulated a plan of party truce for the purpose of national reorganization.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
In addition to this, the idea of playing a part, and possibly a leading part, in something of the nature of a complicated drama appealed to her, and there was, half formulated at the back of her mind, the desire to prove to Thorne just what she was capable of.
"A Prairie Courtship"
Harold Bindloss
There was an ulterior motive in her action which she had never formulated exactly even to herself.
William McFee

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