What is another word for rework?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪwˈɜːk] (IPA)

Rework is a common word used in various contexts, such as revising, editing, or refining a piece of work. Synonyms for rework include revision, rewrite, rewording, polishing, refining, improving, or updating. Other synonyms for rework may depend on the specific context, such as redesigning, remaking, redeveloping, reorganizing, or restructuring when it comes to projects or processes. In the context of manufacturing or production, reworking may refer to repairing, modifying, or retrofitting products or materials. Overall, rework implies a process of making something better, more effective, or more efficient, and its synonyms reflect different aspects of this process.

Synonyms for Rework:

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What are the hypernyms for Rework?

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What are the opposite words for rework?

Reworking something means to alter or revise it, but sometimes it's necessary to find the opposite or antonym of a word. The antonyms for the word rework are easy to find. The word "ruin" is an antonym for rework. Rework implies improving or adjusting something, while ruin means to destroy or damage it. The word "neglect" can also be considered an antonym for rework because it means to disregard or ignore something, not improve or fix it. Another antonym for rework is "preserve" because preserving something means keeping it in its original state without changing or altering it. Lastly, the word "discard" is an antonym for rework because it means to get rid of something instead of making changes.

What are the antonyms for Rework?

Usage examples for Rework

Our Orisa create the world anew every day, rework it, change it, right before our eyes.
Thomas Hoover
It was too slow and expensive to rework code.
John Moncure Wetterau

Famous quotes with Rework

  • I destroy things every day in the act of working and often recall a picture I had considered finished in order to rework it.
    Frank Auerbach
  • A lot of Woody Guthrie's songs were taken from other songs. He would rework the melody and lyrics, and all of a sudden it was a Woody Guthrie song.
    John Mellencamp
  • I write the whole poem at one sitting and then come back to it from time to time over the months or years and rework it.
    A. R. Ammons
  • On one meeting Melville showed Hawthorne a draft of Moby-Dick. Hawthorne, himself currently completing The Scarlet Letter, persuaded his friend to rework it from a tale of the high seas to an epic allegory that told not only a tale, but probed the defeats and triumphs of the human spirit.It was the praise Melville had sought.
    Herman Melville
  • You can't rearrange freshly fallen snow, you can't fix snow so it looks untouched. You can rework earth, and sand and even grass if you try hard enough. Water takes care of itself, because it swallows everything and flows back together once it's done swallowing. And air is always in place because you can't see it. Everything but snow would have kept quiet.
    Herta Müller

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