What is another word for amended?

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The word "amended" can be replaced with various synonyms depending upon the context and the intended meaning. Some of the synonyms for "amended" include modified, altered, revised, updated, improved, rectified, corrected, changed, and edited. In legal terms, "amended" is frequently replaced with "revised," or "corrected." Similarly, in the context of writing or editing, "edited" or "revised" could replace "amended." In general, synonyms for "amended" might be used to describe any process of making changes to something that already exists, regardless of what it is. These synonyms could differ slightly in their tone, but all imply an action of revising or correcting something to make it more suitable or better in some way.

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How to use "Amended" in context?

An amended document is a document that has been changed or updated after it has been created. Many times, an amended document will include corrections or changes to the original document.

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