What is another word for renewed?

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[ ɹ_ɪ_n_j_ˈuː_d], [ ɹɪnjˈuːd], [ ɹɪnjˈuːd]

Synonyms for Renewed:

additional (adjective) changed (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) new (adjective) rebuilt (adjective) refreshed (adjective) restored (adjective) refreshed (verb) resumed (verb) eastern poison oak Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Renewed:

  1. glued, protrude, brewed, subdued, extrude, delude, imbued, wooed, spewed, elude, jude, hued, obtrude, stewed, denude, brood, mood, queued, screwed, include, pursued, feud, reviewed, shoed, rood, exude, crude, shrewd, intrude, ensued, exclude, preclude, food, seclude, unglued, skewed, viewed, cued, rude, prude, sued, mewed, lewd, dude;
  2. canoed, accrued, collude, conclude, allude;
  3. misconstrued;

Quotes for Renewed:

  1. I always seem to get inspiration and renewed vitality by contact with this great novel land of yours which sticks up out of the Atlantic. Winston Churchill.
  2. There will be, I think, an attempt to grasp again the surprise and accidents of nature and a more intimate and sympathetic study of its moods, together with a renewed wonder and humility on the part of such as are still capable of these basic reactions. Edward Hopper.
  3. The nature of the task needs to be renewed so people just don't feel that all the hard work is in the same groove all the time, under the same circumstances and in the same environment. Timothy White.