What is another word for safety catch?

Pronunciation: [sˈe͡ɪfti kˈat͡ʃ] (IPA)

There are numerous synonyms for the term "safety catch," which is most commonly used to refer to a mechanism that helps ensure a gun or firearm is not accidentally discharged. Some of the popular synonyms include safety lock, safety mechanism, firing pin safety, trigger lock, and hammer safety. Other synonyms also includes bolt lock, safety detent, firing pin block, and safety switch. Each of these safety features are designed to protect the user and prevent any accidental discharge, and it is important for firearm users to be familiar with the different types of safety catches to properly operate firearms and maintain safety. Whether for hunting, self-defense or recreational shooting, using a firearm responsibly is paramount, and knowing the different safety features is the key to accident prevention.

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    • artifact

Famous quotes with Safety catch

  • There might be 1 finger on the trigger, but there will be 15 fingers on the safety catch.
    Harold MacMillan
  • James Burford, collier and fitter, was the oldest soldier of all. When I first spoke to him in the trenches, he said: "Excuse me, sir, will you explain what this here arrangement is on the side of my rifle?" "That's the safety catch. Didn't you do a musketry-course at the depôt?" "No, sir, I was a re-enlisted man, and I spent only a fortnight there. The old Lee-Metford didn't have no safety-catch." I asked him when he had last fired a rifle. "In Egypt in 1882," he said. "Weren't you in the South African War?" "I tried to re-enlist, but they told me I was too old, sir... My real age is sixty-three."
    Robert Graves

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