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When taking a break from work or conversation, you might want to use a different word than "pause." A synonym for this word is "halt" which indicates putting a temporary stop to an activity. "Interruption" is another word that implies something getting in the way of your flow. Using the phrase "take a breather" provides a more casual option for indicating a moment of rest. "Cease" is a more formal choice meaning to put an end to something. "Respite" implies taking a temporary break from a difficult situation. Lastly, "break" is a standard word that is used to indicate a pause or rest.

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How to use "Pause" in context?

Pause is an obvious word, but often we take its meaning for granted. Pausing to take a breath, to think before responding, can often make all the difference in a difficult situation. "Pause" can be an effective tool for zoning out and focusing on a task, or for reflecting on past experiences and considering future choices.

In his book "Stop, Breathe, and Think", mindfulness coach Tom Rath provides several steps for taking a mental pause. He advises setting aside specific time each day to reflect on what has happened during the past 24 hours and to plan for the future.

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