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There are multiple synonyms for the word "gun" such as firearm, pistol, rifle, revolver, shotgun, musket, cannon, and firearm. All these synonyms are used to define a weapon that utilizes gunpowder to expel a projectile from its barrel. Some of these synonyms of gun are used for specific types of firearms depending on their size, shape, and intended usage. Gun synonyms such as pistol, revolver, and shotgun are used interchangeably depending on the context, while musket, rifle, and cannon are a bit more specific to their historical context. In essence, all these synonyms define a weapon that allows one to take aim or shoot at a target from a distance.

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    When it comes to firearms, there are a few things that are always on people's minds. One of which is the legality of owning a gun. Is owning a firearm legal in the United States? Statistically, the answer seems to be yes. In fact, according to the FBI, between 2008 and 2013, there were an average of 1,294 violent crimes committed with firearms each month. That's an average of nearly two firearm-based crimes per day!

    And yet, the right to own a gun is not without controversy. Some people feel that gun ownership is a privilege, and not a right.

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