What is another word for schoolboy?

Pronunciation: [skˈuːlbɔ͡ɪ] (IPA)

The term "schoolboy" is primarily used to refer to male students who attend school. However, there are several relevant synonyms that can be used to describe schoolboys. For instance, the word "pupil" is used to refer to students who are learning under an instructor's guidance. Another relevant synonym is "student," which refers to anyone who studies in a school or college. Alternatively, the term "scholar" is used to describe individuals who engage in academic pursuits or who are knowledgeable in a particular field. The word "learner" is also a handy synonym that captures the essence of what it means to be a schoolboy.

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What are the opposite words for schoolboy?

Schoolboys are often known as young males who attend school but what are the antonyms for this word? The antonyms for schoolboy can vary depending on context but some common ones include: adult, graduate, dropout, truant, and delinquent. Adults are the opposite of schoolboys as they have already completed their education and are done with school. Graduates, on the other hand, have successfully completed their education and have moved on to higher levels of learning. Dropouts are those who have left school before completing their education. Truants are individuals who consistently skip school or classes, while delinquents are those who exhibit criminal or unruly behavior in school. Overall, antonyms for schoolboy allude to a lack of education or inappropriate behavior.

What are the antonyms for Schoolboy?

  • n.

    boy lad

Usage examples for Schoolboy

The most careless schoolboy when addressed by a stranger in the street instantly removes his hat, and so remains until he has fully responded to the inquiry made of him, showing thus the instinctive politeness which seems to permeate all classes in Norway.
"Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
Maturin M. Ballou
Let the groom have the ribbons, said Martin, laughing with an almost schoolboy enjoyment of a trick.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
As a schoolboy he did not feel attracted to poetry alone; he had a great liking for science, and his great wish was to study medicine.
"Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck"
Jethro Bithell

Famous quotes with Schoolboy

  • My feelings are those of a schoolboy getting in sight of the holidays. Or more seriously, my feelings are perhaps those of a matador who has decided not to enter the bull ring.
    Geoffrey Fisher
  • At seventeen, I knew the end of a dream... I would never be a schoolboy again.
    King Hussein
  • One of my first jobs was at the Boston Globe. I worked in the sports department six months a year. When I was ready to graduate, the sports editor gave me a job as a schoolboy sports writer.
    Will McDonough
  • The simplest schoolboy is now familiar with truths for which Archimedes would have sacrificed his life.
    Ernest Renan
  • Yeah. I mean, it just seemed to me that it was - I felt so helpless to this business of not having any papers. That seems like a throwback to a schoolboy.
    James Stockdale

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