What is another word for short story?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈɔːt stˈɔːɹɪ] (IPA)

Short story is a term used in literature to describe a brief piece of fiction that tells a tale with a simple plot. However, there are many other words that describe this type of writing. Some synonyms for short story include fable, anecdote, sketch, tale, novella, and legend. A fable is a story that teaches a moral lesson, while an anecdote is a brief tale about a real-life event. A sketch is a short, unfinished story meant to capture an experience or idea. A novella is a longer, more complex short story that usually has a full plot. And a legend is a traditional story that often involves mythical characters or events. Regardless of the term used, a short story is a powerful form of storytelling that can leave a lasting impression on its readers.

What are the hypernyms for Short story?

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What are the hyponyms for Short story?

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What are the opposite words for short story?

The antonyms for the term "short story" include words like novella, novel, novelette, epic, saga, and tome. A novella is a work of fiction that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. A novel is a long, fictional story that typically describes the life or adventures of the main character. A novelette is a shorter version of a novella, while an epic is a long narrative poem that tells the story of heroic deeds and adventures. A saga is a long and complex story that focuses on a particular family or group of people over time, and a tome is a large, heavy, and scholarly book that contains a lot of information.

What are the antonyms for Short story?

Famous quotes with Short story

  • For me, writing a short story is much, much harder than writing a novel.
    Lynn Abbey
  • In all honesty, at that time, I never saw myself as an author... I was just a Mom in a state of panic, trying to enter a short story contest to win the prize money in order to keep the lights on in my home.
    Leslie Banks
  • I think it's a short story writer's duty, as well as writing well about emotions and characters, to write story.
    Eric Brown
  • I write about five thousand words a day, when working on a book, about three thousand a day if I'm writing a short story. I take long periods off between projects, when I read a lot, garden, and think about the next book or stories.
    Eric Brown
  • Well, to be honest I think I'm a better short story writer than a novelist. Novels I find very hard, hours and hours, weeks and weeks, of conscious thought - whereas short stories slip out painlessly in a few days.
    Eric Brown

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