What is another word for epic?

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When it comes to finding words that can replace 'epic', there are several synonyms you can choose from. One of the best synonyms for epic is 'legendary', which usually refers to something that inspires awe or admiration. Other synonyms include 'mythic', which refers to stories or legends that are mystical or supernatural in nature, 'grandiose', which connotes extravagance and grandeur, 'majestic', which usually refers to something that is stately and dignified, and 'monumental', which refers to something that is imposing and impressive. Other words like 'heroic', 'mythological' and 'saga' can also be used to replace the word epic in various contexts.

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    One word that most often conjures up mental images of grandeur, scope and impressive proportions is "epic." This word has been used to describe a wide variety of things in the past, from impressive natural landscapes to tales of great accomplishments by historical figures. Here, we'll explore what it means when applied to fiction. In the context of storytelling, epic refers to a work of fiction that is large in scope and ambitious in execution. This means that the author has spent a lot of time and thought in planning the story and setting it up in a way that is both engaging and rewarding for the reader.

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