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Opus is a Latin word which means a work, particularly a musical or literary composition or an artwork. There are several synonyms for opus that can be used interchangeably to indicate the same meaning. Some commonly used synonyms for opus are composition, piece, work, creation, production, oeuvre, masterpiece, magnum opus, and opuscule. These words can be used to describe musical compositions, artistic works, literary writings, films, or any other work of art. Using synonyms for opus can help to add variety and depth to your writing, and give you more options to express your thoughts and ideas.

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    The word "opus" refers to a creative work, especially in music or literature. Antonyms for this word would be non-creative works, such as dull or banal pieces that lack artistic merit. Some possible antonyms for "opus" could be formulaic, unimaginative, or derivative works that follow established conventions without adding any originality or creativity. Additionally, words like amateurish or unpolished could also serve as antonyms for "opus," referring to works that lack the skill or finesse of professional artists. In the end, antonyms for "opus" would be anything that deviates from the standard of a creative and original work of art.

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    Usage examples for Opus

    She has spent twenty-five years of her life on the elaboration of this magnum opus, which is richly illustrated.
    "Psychology and Social Sanity"
    Hugo Münsterberg
    But Apollo and the Python were the same; and Tripus, or Triopus, the supposed father of these humane sisters, was a variation for Tor-opus, the serpent-hill, or temple; where neither Apollo, nor the Python were slain, but where they were both worshipped, being one and the same Deity.
    "A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume II. (of VI.)"
    Jacob Bryant
    As the case of The Wailing Octopus came to an end, Steve had warned them that he might see them soon.
    "The Electronic Mind Reader"
    John Blaine

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