What is another word for legend?

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Legend is a word used to describe someone or something that is well-known and famous for something they have achieved or done. Synonyms for this word include myth, fable, tale, story, epic, saga, and lore. A myth usually refers to a traditional story that explains historical events or natural phenomena. A fable is a moral tale that usually involves animals or birds as characters. A tale can refer to any story or narrative. An epic or saga is a long, heroic story that typically involves a hero or heroine and their quests. Lore refers to traditional knowledge or beliefs about a particular subject or place. These synonyms allow individuals to vary the way they describe a particular person or item, providing a richer linguistic landscape for expression.

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How to use "Legend" in context?

"legend" is a word that means a story that is usually true but not verified. Legend usually contains a few key events that make it memorable. Many legends have amoral lessons that can be learned from them. Some legends are based on true events, while others are completely fictitious.

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