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Pronunciation: [sˈɪŋkhə͡ʊl] (IPA)

A sinkhole is a geological phenomenon where the ground collapses inwards to form a depression or hole in the ground. There are several synonyms for sinkhole, including swallow hole, doline, or cenote. A cenote is a sinkhole that is filled with water, commonly found in the Yucatan region of Mexico. A doline is another term used for a sinkhole that is caused by the dissolution of soluble rocks, like limestone or dolomite. Swallow hole is a term often used in the UK for a depression formed in limestone terrain. Sinkholes can be dangerous, as collapses can cause damage to buildings or vehicles.

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The word "sinkhole" refers to a natural geological phenomenon caused by the collapse of land into underground cavities. The opposite of sinkhole might be "mountaintop" or "peak," representing a high point rather than a depression in the earth. Other possible antonyms for sinkhole might include "uprise," "elevation," or "ascension," as each of these words suggest upward movement or growth. Similarly, "plateau," "mesa," or "highland" might serve as antonyms for sinkhole, as each implies a flat or elevated landscape rather than a sunken or depressed one. By contrast, "valley," "canyon," or "ditch" might be considered synonyms for sinkhole, as all of these words describe a lowered or depressed region of the earth's surface.

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The first of the posts stood a foot in snow; at the second one the drift reached six or seven feet up; the next one looked only half as long as the first one, and you might have imagined, standing as it did on a sloping hillside, that it had intentionally been made so much shorter than the others; but at the bottom of the visible part the wind, in sweeping around the pole, had scooped out a funnel-shaped crater which seemed to open into the very earth like a sinkhole.
"Over Prairie Trails"
Frederick Philip Grove
He did not know why it was that he whistled while he filled the torpedo-shaped tank-indeed, Johnny did not even know that he whistled, nor that it was the first time since he had worked over his plane down at sinkhole Camp when all his dreams were bright, and bad luck had not knocked at his door.
"The Thunder Bird"
B. M. Bower
And they haven't seen him since last night, and-and you know what happened at sinkhole!"
"The Thunder Bird"
B. M. Bower

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