What is another word for concavity?

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[ kənkˈavɪti], [ kənkˈavɪti], [ k_ə_n_k_ˈa_v_ɪ_t_i]

Concavity means a surface that curves inward, creating a hollow or depressed area. Synonyms for concavity include depression, hollow, indentation, dip, cleft, trough, furrow, trench, sinkhole, scoop, cavity, and dimple. These words can be used interchangeably to describe a concave shape or outline. For instance, a bowl, spoon, and cave all exhibit concavity in their contours. Concavity is commonly found in natural scenery such as valleys, dunes, and cliffs. In mathematics, concavity refers to a graph that is curving downward, which can be represented by quadratic functions. Synonyms for concavity allow us to describe and identify different shapes and forms accurately.

Synonyms for Concavity:

How to use "Concavity" in context?

Concavity is the property of a surface or body that is lower in one or both directions than the center of the surface or body. Convexity is the opposite of concavity.

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