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Swallowing is an essential function that enables us to consume food and liquids. However, there are many different words that are synonymous with the word 'swallow.' One of the most common synonyms is to 'ingest,' which means to take in food or drink by swallowing. Other similar words include 'gulp,' 'swig,' and 'drink down.' All of these words refer to the act of taking in food or liquid through the mouth and down the throat. Additionally, some people might use words like 'ingurgitate,' 'devour,' or 'consume' to connote a sense of voracious or excessive eating. Regardless of the word used, the act of swallowing is essential to our daily lives.

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    When someone swallows, the act of taking something down into the stomach, they are actually breaking the surface. This act is called breaching and it opens up the airway, leading to the lungs. This makes breathing possible.

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