What is another word for slub?

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Slub is a term used to describe a fabric that has thick, uneven yarns that create a rough, textured surface. Some synonyms for slub include neps, bumps, irregularities, and thick spots. These words are often used to describe fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk that feature a slub texture. While slub fabrics were once considered imperfect and were often avoided, they have now become popular in the fashion industry for their unique appearance and tactile qualities. Whether you're looking for a slubby knit top or a linen slub skirt, understanding the language used to describe these fabrics can help you find the perfect piece for your wardrobe.

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How to use "Slub" in context?

Typically, a slub is a type of yarn that has been deliberately misshaped so that the yarns twist and drape in an irregular and characteristic manner. Slubs can be created through a number of methods, including twisting the yarn while it is being spun, using a different spinning method (such as open-end spinning), or using a machine that purposely creates a slub pattern.

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