What is another word for Purlieu?

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Purlieu refers to a particular place or area that is located near or adjacent to a larger area. Some synonyms for purlieu are environs, outskirts, outskirts, suburbs, precincts, and neighborhood. The word environs encompass the surrounding areas of a region or a town. The outskirts denote the area surrounding the core of a particular locality. Precincts refer to the immediate neighborhood of a place. Suburbs are those areas that are beyond the built-up center of a town. Neighborhood signifies the surrounding environment in which a particular place is situated. In essence, these synonyms for purlieu all revolve around a place that exists on the fringe of a larger area.

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    What are the hypernyms for Purlieu?

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    What are the opposite words for Purlieu?

    Purlieu is a term used to describe an area or territory that is frequently visited or lived in by a person or group. When considering antonyms for Purlieu, one could consider words that describe places that are unfamiliar, distant or unvisited. Examples of antonyms for Purlieu include hinterland, wilderness, backcountry or terra incognita. These terms suggest a lack of familiarity, remoteness or uncharted territory. Conversely, words such as cosmopolitan, metropolis or urban center are antonyms that implicate areas that are populous, bustling and busy. Overall, antonyms for Purlieu signify a departure from what is known to a place that is foreign, unknown or unvisited.

    What are the antonyms for Purlieu?

    Usage examples for Purlieu

    The girl was brought up among exiles and political criminals in the Purlieu of Montmartre.
    "Carnac's Folly, Volume 2."
    Gilbert Parker
    They evidently deemed that a legal Purlieu was a better place for 'pickings.
    "Prose Fancies"
    Richard Le Gallienne
    The friend who had invited me to this spectacle felt its inadequacy so keenly, in spite of my protests, that he questioned the policemen for some very squalid or depraved Purlieu that he might show me, for we were in the very heart of Whitechapel, but failing that, because the region had been so very much reformed and cleaned up since the dreadful murders there, he had no recourse but to take me on top of a tram-car and show me how very thoroughly it had been reformed and cleaned up.
    "London Films"
    W.D. Howells

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