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Fringe is a word that describes something that is on the edge or periphery of a group or society. Other synonyms for this word include outskirts, boundary, margin, periphery, and edging. These words all describe items that are outside of the main group or focus and can refer to clothing, hairstyles, or even political beliefs. Other synonyms for fringe can also include words like rim, brink, and flank, all of which tend to refer to something that is on the edge of something else. No matter the context, it is clear that the word fringe is a very versatile and useful term to have in one's vocabulary.

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Most people would never call the Arts and Culture District of downtown Cleveland a fringe neighborhood, but according to the dictionary, that's exactly what it is. The Arts and Culture District is made up of roughly five square miles of downtown Cleveland and encompasses numerous arts and cultural institutions, as well as restaurants and nightlife hotspots.

The arts scene in Cleveland has always been prolific, but the district has played a significant role in recent decades in nurturing and developing the city's most offbeat and experimental expressions.

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