What is another word for spaniels?

Pronunciation: [spˈanjə͡lz] (IPA)

Spaniels are a breed of dog, which originated in Spain, that are known for their cheerful nature and silky fur. There are many different types of spaniels, each with unique characteristics and temperaments. Some synonyms for spaniels include: Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, King Charles Spaniels, Welsh Springer Spaniels, American Water Spaniels, Sussex Spaniels, and Clumber Spaniels. Each of these breeds of spaniels has their own distinct traits and personalities, ranging from energetic and playful to calm and docile. Regardless of the breed, spaniels are known for their loyalty and loveable nature, making them excellent pets and companions.

Usage examples for Spaniels

When the brooks are frozen is almost the only time when the dabchick can be got to rise: at other times this bird will dive and redive, and double about in the water, and rather be caught by the spaniels than take wing.
"Wild Life in a Southern County"
Richard Jefferies
The idea of his serving his country is about as absurd as hunting bears with toy spaniels.
"Paul Patoff"
F. Marion Crawford
And Dash himself, paragon of spaniels, pet of pets, beauty of beauties, has only one shade of imperfection-would be thoroughly faultless, if it were not for a slight tendency to run away.
"The Lost Dahlia"
Mary Russell Mitford

Famous quotes with Spaniels

  • Two greyhounds were called a brace, three a leash, but two spaniels or harriers were called a couple. We have also a mute of hounds for a number, a kenel of raches, a litter of whelps, and a cowardice of curs.
    Joseph Strutt

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