What is another word for pugs?

Pronunciation: [pˈʌɡz] (IPA)

"Pugs" is a term that describes a specific breed of dog known for its small size, wrinkly face, and curly tail. However, there are several other ways to refer to pugs that can add more flavor and style to your writing. Some possible synonyms for "pugs" include "mops," "squishy-faced dogs," "wrinklebutts," "snorters," "puggles," "chugs," and "toy bulls." Each of these alternatives conveys a different tone, from cute and affectionate ("puggles") to humorous and irreverent ("wrinklebutts"). So next time you're writing about these lovable canines, consider using one of these creative synonyms to add some personality to your text.

Usage examples for Pugs

Actually we did see yesterday the footprints of a tiger in the sand by the river-pugs I think is the proper expression.
"Olivia in India"
O. Douglas
Is it not there that the old ladies take their pugs for their constitutional walks, and is it not there that the young ladies play tennis with their gentleman acquaintances when they come home from the City on a Saturday afternoon?
George Moore
"Like spaniels or pugs," growled Rolph, the latter being the more appropriate.
"The Star-Gazers"
George Manville Fenn

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