What is another word for retrievers?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪtɹˈiːvəz] (IPA)

Retrievers are a breed of dog known for their hunting and retrieving abilities. Although the word retriever is commonly used to refer to this breed, there are many synonyms that can also be used. Some of these include gun dogs, bird dogs, bird retrievers, and water dogs. These terms all refer to the same type of breed, but may be used in different contexts or regions. Other synonyms for retrievers may include sporting dogs, field dogs, and working dogs. These terms may be used to refer to a broader range of breeds beyond just retrievers, but still encompass the qualities of hunting and retrieving.

Usage examples for Retrievers

Leaving all the dogs behind, with the exception of the retrievers, Mr. Hardy and the boys started for a walk along the river, leading with them a horse to bring back the game, as their former experience had taught them that carrying half a dozen ducks and geese under a broiling sun was no joke.
"On the Pampas"
G. A. Henty
The sheep and cattle were carefully secured at night; two or three of the native dogs were fastened up, down at the fold; one of the mastiffs was kept at the men's hut, while the other's kennel was placed by the house; the retrievers, as usual, sleeping indoors.
"On the Pampas"
G. A. Henty
Hadrian's own horse, Borysthenes, which had had too long a rest, pawed and stamped impatiently in a separate stall, and close at hand the Emperor's retrievers, boar-hounds and harriers were housed in hastily-contrived yards and kennels.
"The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers"
Georg Ebers

Famous quotes with Retrievers

  • I like to be at home because I just travel so much. I have four dogs, golden retrievers.
    Denise Richards

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