What is another word for poodles?

Pronunciation: [pˈuːdə͡lz] (IPA)

When it comes to poodles, we often associate the breed with its signature fluffy and curly coat. But did you know that there are several different synonyms that can be used to describe this beloved breed? Some of the most common alternatives for the word "poodles" include "doodles," "oodles," and "toodles." Other playful options include "poodle-oos," "poodle-diddles," and "poofles." If you're looking for a more formal synonym, you could also use "Caniche," which is the French name for the breed. Whatever term you choose, there's no denying the charm and grace of these lovable dogs.

Usage examples for Poodles

And then when he heard me say I like dogs he promised to give me a dog, one of those lovely clown dogs,-poodles,-with their hair cut in a fancy pattern, when he can lay his hand on a real beauty.
"Aurora the Magnificent"
Gertrude Hall
The last straw upon Carl's breaking back was the arrival of his father, who descended upon him with a bass viol, an enormous basket-bed for his beloved poodles, and a large bundle of debts, as well as an increased luggage of eccentricities.
"The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 1"
Rupert Hughes
The man who had promised to take her in his cart to her native village of Schweinfurt barely supported himself and his family by the tricks of his trained poodles.
"In The Blue Pike, Volume 2."
Georg Ebers

Famous quotes with Poodles

  • They're not poodles, they're art.
    Rachael Leigh
  • Be wary of passing the judgment: obscure. To find something obscure poses no difficult, elephants and poodles find many things obscure.
    Georg C. Lichtenberg
  • I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.
    Rita Rudner
  • I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.
    Rita Rudner
  • Of course I don't always enjoy being a mother. At those times my husband and I hole up somewhere in the wine country, eat, drink, make mad love and pretend we were born sterile and raise poodles.
    Dorothy DeBolt

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