What is another word for standard-bearer?

Pronunciation: [stˈandədbˈe͡əɹə] (IPA)

The term "standard-bearer" refers to someone who leads the way or sets an example for others to follow. Synonyms for this word include "flagbearer," "guiding light," "trailblazer," "pioneer," and "role model." These words all suggest someone who is respected by others and who stands out among their peers as a leader or mentor. A standard-bearer might be someone who inspires others through their actions, sets a high standard for themselves and others, or has achieved a level of success that others aspire to. Whether in business, politics, or personal relationships, a standard-bearer is someone who we look up to and strive to emulate.

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Famous quotes with Standard-bearer

  • These Prophets of Righteousness ... believed in the victory of absolute Righteousness, yet the fact that they turn their gaze time after time to "the end of days "proves that they knew—as by a whisper from the "spirit of holiness" within them—how great and how arduous was the work that mankind must do before that consummation could be reached. They knew, also, that such work as this could not be done by scattered individuals, approaching it sporadically, each man for himself, at different times and in different places; but that it needed a whole community, which should be continuously, throughout all generations, the standard-bearer of the force of Righteousness against all the other forces that rule the world: which should assume of its own freewill the yoke of eternal obedience to the absolute dominion of a single Idea, and for the sake of that Idea should wage incessant war against the way of the world.
    Ahad Ha'am
  • The prophecy of Professor Yeshayahu Leibovitz, that the occupation would corrupt us through and through and turn us into a people of exploiters and secret-service-men, has come awfully true. Nothing has remained of the "beautiful Eretz Israel " but a cloying nostalgia, of which Naomi Shemer was a standard-bearer. A small and gallant state, progressive and (relatively) egalitarian, respected by the world, has become an occupying and looting state, hostage to delirious settlers, full of internal violence and "swinish capitalism" (a phrase coined by Shimon Peres, one of those most responsible for this situation). Throughout the world, the idea of boycotting Israel is gaining ground.
    Uri Avnery

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