What is another word for forerunner?

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Forerunner is a concept that has been present in our vernacular for ages, but it is often useful to have a few synonyms to help us express similar ideas. Some alternatives for forerunner are precursor, predecessor, harbinger, trailblazer, pioneer, front-runner, vanguard and antecedent. These words are all useful in different contexts, depending on the meaning of the sentence and the emphasis that we want to convey. Regardless of which one we choose, they all point to the idea of something that comes before another and helps set the tone for what is to come.

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How to use "Forerunner" in context?

Forerunners are ancient beings that predate the universe by tens of millions of years. The first forerunners were the architects of the universe, who designed and constructed the seeds of life.

Over the millennia, forerunners have helped to guide the evolution of life and to shape the universe. They are the inheritors of all that has come before, and they are forever poised to shape the future.

Forerunners are guardians of the universe, and their wisdom and knowledge are sought by scholars throughout the cosmos. They are respected and feared by all who know them, for they are the keepers of all truths.

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