What is another word for demagogue?

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[ dˈɛmɐɡˌɒɡ], [ dˈɛmɐɡˌɒɡ], [ d_ˈɛ_m_ɐ_ɡ_ˌɒ_ɡ]

Synonyms for Demagogue:

How to use "Demagogue" in context?

The term "demagogue" typically refers to someone who uses inflammatory rhetoric in order to increase support for their own particular point of view. In politics, the term is often used to describe a leader who uses populist rhetoric in order to garner support from the public.

There is a long history of using demagoguery in order to achieve political goals. The term is believed to have originated from the Greek word δημαγωγή, which refers to a rabble-rousing speaker. Ancient Greece was a time when demagogues played a significant role in political life.

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