What is another word for stupefy?

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Are you tired of using the same old word "stupefy"? Don't fret, there are plenty of synonyms available to add more variety and depth to your writing. Some of these synonyms include "daze," "bewilder," "astonish," "paralyze," "numb," "shock," "amaze," and "stun." Each of these words can be used in different contexts to describe the state of being stunned or confused. It's always a good idea to find synonyms and use them in your writing as it can add more variety and make the language more interesting and engaging. So, next time you're feeling stumped, try using one of these synonyms and impress your readers.

Synonyms for Stupefy:

How to use "Stupefy" in context?

- stupefy is an enchantment that can make an opponent unconscious.

- It is possible to stunned an opponent without using special, damaging spells.

- The spell can be used on a single opponent, or a group of opponents.

- When stunned, an opponent is vulnerable to further attack.

- Stupefy can also be used to interrupt an opponent's spell.

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