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[ dˈe͡ɪz], [ dˈe‍ɪz], [ d_ˈeɪ_z]

Daze is a state of confusion, disorientation, or bewilderment that can occur due to various reasons, such as fatigue, shock, or surprise. Some synonyms for daze include confusion, disorientation, bewilderment, stupefaction, befuddlement, haze, trance, discombobulation, muddle, and fog. These words are often used interchangeably to describe a state of mind where a person is unable to think clearly or focus on tasks. Although they share similar meanings, each word may carry a slightly different nuance or implication. For instance, confusion may suggest a sense of chaos or disorder, while stupefaction may imply a complete loss of awareness or consciousness.

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    Daze is a state of confusion or disorientation, often caused by shock or surprise. Some antonyms for daze include clarity, focus, lucidity and awareness. When you are not in a daze, you will have a clear and sharp mind, with no confusion or disorientation. You will be focused and attentive, with a sense of purpose and direction. You will be able to think clearly and make decisions easily. Lucidity refers to a state of mental clarity, where everything is perceived with perfect clarity. Awareness is the state of being fully conscious and alert, with a heightened sense of perception and understanding of one's surroundings. All of these words describe the opposite of daze and represent a state of clarity and sharpness of mind.

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    Usage examples for Daze

    Say, won't he get a jolt when he comes out of the daze and finds himself strapped to a chair?
    "The Gray Phantom's Return"
    Herman Landon
    One of the President's leetle shavers has bin dangrus sick for sum daze, but I hope he'll rekiver.
    "Letters of Major Jack Downing, of the Downingville Militia"
    Seba Smith
    Really the matter was enough to daze any man.
    "A Very Naughty Girl"
    L. T. Meade

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