What is another word for nonplus?

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[ nˌɒnplˈʌs], [ nˌɒnplˈʌs], [ n_ˌɒ_n_p_l_ˈʌ_s]

Nonplus is a word that means to confuse or puzzle someone to the point of being unsure what to do or say. There are a number of synonyms for this word, including flummox, bewilder, stump, perplex, confound, mystify, and baffle. All of these words express a similar sense of confusion or uncertainty but may be used in different contexts or to describe slightly different types of confusion. Some other possible synonyms for nonplus could include disconcert, muddle, befuddle, or bemuse. When using synonyms, it is important to choose the word that best fits the intended meaning and sounds most natural in the context of the sentence.

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    What are the opposite words for nonplus?

    Nonplus, meaning to confuse or puzzle, has a few antonyms that are worth knowing. First, we have the word clarify, which means to make something clear or easier to understand. Often, when we are nonplussed, we're in need of clarification. Another helpful antonym for nonplus is simplify, which means to make something simpler or easier to do. When we're nonplussed, we might be overthinking or complicating the situation. Finally, we have the word enlighten, which means to inform or educate on a topic. In a situation where we are nonplussed, we might need to be enlightened on the details to make sense of it.

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    Usage examples for Nonplus

    He was so preoccupied with the effect he wished to produce, that a practical joke, Blondet, had bet once or twice, and won the wager, that he could nonplus him at any moment by merely looking fixedly at his hair, or his boots, or the tails of his coats.
    "Modeste Mignon"
    Honore de Balzac
    The renegade was a little at a nonplus, as he never had undergone the operation which he had described.
    "The Pacha of Many Tales"
    Captain Frederick Marryat
    The Enemy will be 10th to quit the small Portion of Land they possess within the United States, for though they must despair of subduing us by Arms, it will be necessary for them to oblige us to continue the Expence of large Armies in order to nonplus us in the Art of financiering.
    "The Original Writings of Samuel Adams, Volume 4"
    Samuel Adams

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