What is another word for appurtenance?

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"Appurtenance" refers to an accessory or addition that is associated with something else. Some synonyms for this word include attachment, adjunct, appendage, addition, supplement, complement, and accompaniment. Each of these words can be used to describe something that is related to or connected with another object, typically enhancing its functionality or completeness. For instance, an auxiliary motor is an appurtenance that can be attached to a boat to increase its speed and maneuverability. Similarly, a secondary camera lens can be an appurtenance that supplements the capabilities of a camera, allowing for more detailed or creative imagery. In essence, the word appurtenance can be replaced by many other terms that all denote a complementary or additional component.

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    An appurtenance is an accessory orplement added to an object for the purpose of improving its function. In many cases, appurtenances are necessary for proper use of an object. Appurtenances can also convey a sense of character or style to an object. Many appurtenances are functional, such as tools used for a specific job, but others are decorative, such as a Musical Bouquet that adds beauty to a room.

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