What is another word for supple?

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Supple is an adjective that is often used to describe something that is flexible, pliable, and easily bent or twisted without breaking. Other synonyms for the word supple include malleable, pliant, yielding, adaptable, and responsive. These words all suggest the idea of something being easily shaped or altered, whether it's a material, such as leather or fabric, or a person's body or mind. Additionally, other alternatives to supple include limber, bendable, elastic, and fluent. These words are especially useful when describing physical attributes or movements that require flexibility, such as dance, gymnastics, or yoga.

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    Supple refers to the ease with which something can be moved or worked. In the context of describing a horse, supple refers to the horse's ability to move freely and easily, without feeling stiff or tense. This quality is essential for a horse to be able to do things like jumping, galloping, and working in field. Suppleness also helps horses avoid injuring their joints and helps them move with ease and grace.

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