What is another word for supplement?

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When it comes to synonyms for the word "supplement," there are a variety of options to choose from depending on context and usage. Some popular alternatives include "addition," "complement," "accessory," "enhancement," and "extra." Other options can include "boost," "enrichment," "top-up," "appendage," and "auxiliary." Each of these synonyms highlights the idea of adding something to an existing whole, whether that means enhancing or improving it, filling in gaps, or simply providing additional support. No matter which synonym is chosen, the goal remains the same: to supplement something already present with something else that can make it even better.

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The antonyms of the word "supplement" are "subtract," "reduce," "diminish," "deplete," and "detract." Unlike supplementing, which means adding something to enhance or complete something else, subtracting means removing something from a group or decreasing something's size, value or quantity. Reducing and diminishing connote the same idea and refer to cutting down or lessening something, while depleting denotes the complete consumption or exhaustion of something. Lastly, detracting refers to the act of taking away from or lessening the importance, value, quality, reputation, or significance of something. Clearly, all these words express opposite meanings and should be used accordingly.

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