What is another word for surmise?

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Surmise, which means to make an informed guess or conjecture, has several synonyms that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. For instance, the words speculate, hypothesize, presume, assume, and infer can all be used to convey the same meaning as surmise. Other possible synonyms include reckon, deduce, posit, and suppose. When looking for alternative words to use in place of surmise, it is important to consider the tone and formality of the context you intend to use them. Some synonyms may sound more formal than others, and some may sound more appropriate in a casual setting. It is thus vital to choose the right synonym that best suits the intended tone and context.

Synonyms for Surmise:

How to use "Surmise" in context?

Synonyms for "surmise" include: suppose, conjecture, surmise. To surmise is to make an assumption, to conjecture is to offer an opinion without overwhelming evidence, and to surmise is to speculate about something.

The verb form is to surmise, which is to make an assumption, conjecture, or offer an opinion about something. To surmise is to speculate, especially about something that may or may not be true. When you surmise, you're not really certain of what you're saying, but you're basing your assertion on what you think might be true.

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