What is another word for tote up?

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[ tˈə͡ʊt ˈʌp], [ tˈə‍ʊt ˈʌp], [ t_ˈəʊ_t ˈʌ_p]

Tote up is another way to say calculate or add up the sum total of something. Synonyms for tote up include tally, reckon, compute, and sum up. Tally is often used to describe a count or a total of a certain number of items. Reckon is a more informal term and can be used to describe an estimate or a calculation. Compute is a more technical term and is often used in the context of mathematics or scientific calculations. Sum up is a more general term and can describe both the act of adding numbers or providing a summary of an event or situation.

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    1. tote up is a versatile, fast, and easy move that can help you progress on your squat, deadlift, and bench press.2. Tote up engages your core and helps stabilize the spine.3. Tote up can help improve your overall balance and coordination.4. Tote up is a great way to burn extra calories while you work out.5. Tote up is a great way to improve your proprioception, or sense of body position and movement.6. Tote up can help you build strength and muscle.7. Tote up is a great way to improve range of motion and flexibility.8.

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