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The word "suggest" is an important verb in English language. Synonyms for "suggest" include propose, recommend, advise, propose, urge, offer, advance, advocate, imply, put forward, hint, insinuate, intimate, and indicate. Each of these words can be used in certain situations depending on context, formality, and tone. For instance, "propose" is more formal and serious, while "insinuate" has a negative connotation and implies manipulation. "Recommend" and "advise" are often used in situations where someone seeks guidance or counsel. "Suggest" is a versatile word with many synonyms that can add variety and nuance to your communication.

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    Suggest is one of the most commonly used words in English. It is a noun meaning a suggestion or proposal, and a verb meaning to propose or suggest. Suggest is also a suffix, typically used in adjectives meaning suggesting or suggesting something.

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