What is another word for deduct?

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Deduct is a verb that is commonly used in financial and accounting settings. It means to remove or subtract a certain amount from a total. Synonyms for the word "deduct" include subtract, withdraw, reduce, take away, cut off, and withhold. In addition, the word "discount" can also be used as a synonym for deduct, especially when discussing the reduction of prices or fees. Whether you are balancing your personal budget or working with financial statements, the word "deduct" is a crucial term that often requires accurate understanding and usage. Using proper synonyms for deduct can help you convey the same meaning while adding variety and depth to your vocabulary.

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    Deducting numbers and money is one of the simplest ways to keep track of your finances. When you deduct money from your income, it reduces your taxable income. This means that you'll pay less in taxes, and your money will go a little bit further in the near term.

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