What is another word for surpassing?

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The word "surpassing" means to exceed or excel beyond something. Synonyms for surpassing include outdoing, transcending, exceeding, outperforming, outstripping, excelling, and surpassing. All of these words describe a state of being better or superior to something else, whether it be in skill, ability, or performance. Other synonyms for surpassing include topping, overshadowing, outranking, and passing. These words all denote a sense of excellence and superiority, and can be used in various contexts such as sports, academics, or business. In summary, there are many synonyms for the word "surpassing" that illustrate the idea of being better or greater than something else.

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    When we think about surpassing, whatoften comes to mind?Perhaps it's the feelingof being one step aheadof the competition, orthe sensationof finally completing atask that's been on your to-do list for weeks.For some people, surpassing means simply climbing up the social or professional ladder. For others, it maymean becoming the best at something they've ever tried, orreaching new heights in their chosen field.Whatever the case, there's somethingto be said for chasing our goals and reachingfor the highest level.

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