What is another word for penetrating?

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Penetrating is a word that describes a sharp, intense and invasive quality. Some synonyms for penetrating include piercing, sharp, cutting, powerful, strong, severe, intense, deep, forceful, and acute. These words all convey a sense of strong presence and impactful nature. A penetrating sound can be felt in your chest, while a penetrating look can give you goosebumps. A penetrating intellect can unravel the mysteries of the universe, while a penetrating gaze can see through deception. Whatever the context, the word penetrating captures a sense of depth and intensity that leaves an unforgettable impression on those who experience it.

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How to use "Penetrating" in context?

Penetrating: To go deeply into something or someone. Penetrating armor is designed to protect the wearer from projectiles and weapons. The armor is made from a Material with very low density so it will not stop bullets but it will stop knives and other sharp objects. The armor is designed to break up on impact and spread the forces out over a large area to protect the wearer.

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