What is another word for transcend?

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Transcend is a powerful verb that means to go beyond the limits of ordinary experience, knowledge, or possibility. There are many different synonyms for this term that capture the essence of its meaning in unique ways. For instance, the word "surpass" emphasizes the idea of going beyond someone or something in a particular area, while "outstrip" suggests surpassing or exceeding expectations. Other powerful synonyms for "transcend" include "go beyond," "rise above," "exceed," "overstep," "transcendental," and "supersede." No matter which word you choose, the idea is always the same: to go beyond anything that has come before and to break free of the limitations that would otherwise constrain you.

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    Transcendence is a spiritual state or condition in which a person or thing is or appears to be greater than or beyond anything else. In philosophy, it is the idea of rising above the limitations of the material universe and understanding everything in it. In religion, transcendence may refer to a relation to an unspecified divinity or to the idea of eternal life. In poetry and other arts, transcendence may describe the Nobel Prize-winning poet T.S. Eliot's concept of the "crossing over" of the individual self into a larger, more spiritual reality.

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