What is another word for outdo?

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When it comes to expressing the idea of surpassing or exceeding, there are many synonyms for the word "outdo." One could say "outperform," "outshine," "outclass," or "outmatch," all of which imply a sense of superiority over others. If you are looking for more dramatic synonyms, you could use "eclipse," "tower over," "dominate," or "trump," all of which carry a connotation of triumphant victory. Other synonyms for "outdo" include "surmount," "beat," "outdistance," "outrun," and "outstrip," all of which convey the idea of achieving more than anyone else. So no matter what your purpose, there are plenty of synonyms available to help you express the concept of exceeding expectations.

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    Outdo is a verb that means to exceed or surpass the performance or achievement of someone or something. Its antonyms are words that mean the opposite, such as underperform, fall behind, lag, trail, and run short of. These words describe a situation where someone or something is unable to match or exceed the level of excellence achieved by others. Outdo's opposite words are useful when someone wants to express the idea of being outperformed or falling short of someone else's excellence. In summary, outdo's antonyms are words that show a lack of excellence, inability to achieve something, or being overtaken by someone or something.

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    The customers who are most susceptible to influence through whiskey are the ones who are most likely later on to cause you trouble, either through failure in business or through their preference for some other individual who can outdo you in the matter of drinking.
    "Dollars and Sense"
    Col. Wm. C. Hunter
    I'll show you how Science can outdo your paltry old-fashioned arts!
    "The Rainbow Book Tales of Fun & Fancy"
    Mabel Henriette Spielmann
    She has aged and weakened so; the day and night of prayer and fasting she has now begun I fear may outdo her strength.
    "The Unknown Sea"
    Clemence Housman

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