What is another word for sweat?

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Sweat is a natural mechanism of the human body to regulate its temperature. However, sometimes we may not like how it feels or smells. In such situations, it is useful to know some synonyms for the word 'sweat' to express ourselves better. Perspiration, exudation, moisture, dampness, and humidity are some of the alternative words we can use. These words can help us describe the presence of sweat without the negative connotations that a simple use of the word may imply. For instance, instead of saying, "I am sweating so much," one can say, "I am perspiring heavily," to express the same thing in a more refined manner.

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    Sweat, like tears, is a bodily fluid. It is responsible for the body's cooling process and helps in the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the skin and other organs. Sweat breaks down the materials in the food we eat and helps eliminate water and toxins from the body.

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