What is another word for smoothness?

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[ smˈuːðnəs], [ smˈuːðnəs], [ s_m_ˈuː_ð_n_ə_s]

Smoothness is a quality that is highly sought after in both personal and professional spheres. It refers to a surface or texture that is free of roughness, bumps, or irregularities. Synonyms for smoothness include sleekness, suppleness, fluidity, refinement, and sleekness. "Sleekness" connotes a polished, shiny, and gleaming appearance, while "suppleness" conveys a flexible and adaptable quality. "Fluidity" describes a consistent and seamless flow, and "refinement" suggests a sophistication and elegance that is often associated with high-end goods. Lastly, "sleekness" is an apt synonym for smoothness that describes a streamlined and aerodynamic quality, such as that found in a sports car or a well-designed product.

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    Smoothness refers to the quality of being sleek, even, and free of irregularities. Antonyms for smoothness include roughness, unevenness, coarseness, and jaggedness. Anything that is not smooth and refined can be considered an antonym of smoothness. If an object has bumps or grooves, it would be considered rough, which is the opposite of smooth. Likewise, objects with irregular edges or textures that are not smooth would be considered uneven or jagged. Coarseness refers to something that is rough or uneven in texture, while jaggedness often refers to something with an irregular and sharp edge that opposes smoothness.

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    In like manner, inasmuch as the greater part of our annoyances and trials and sufferings come from contact with our fellow-men, it often seems to us that if we could only get away from them altogether, and live in utter indifference to them, our lives would move on with utmost smoothness and serenity.
    "Practical Ethics"
    William DeWitt Hyde
    The smoothness, the ease of it all, amazed Skag.
    "Son of Power"
    Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
    Though many phrases in the fragments which have been reviewed are boldly and vigorously conceived, few passages are written with continuous ease and smoothness, and the language constantly halts, as if inadequate to the meaning which labours under it.
    "The Roman Poets of the Republic"
    W. Y. Sellar

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