What is another word for sync?

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Sync is short for synchronization, the process of ensuring that two or more devices or systems are working simultaneously. This term finds use in several fields, including computing, engineering, music, and sports. Synonyms for sync include align, match, harmonize, coordinate, integrate, synchronize, and balance. In the context of technology, one might hear terms like sync up, sync down, sync on, or sync off. In music, sync can refer to matching the rhythm and timing of multiple tracks or instruments. In sports, sync can refer to perfectly choreographed routines or movements. Regardless of the application, sync is essential to ensuring that all parts are functioning correctly and in harmony.

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    Syncing is the process of ensuring that data is consistently updated between two or more electronic devices. Devices that sync typically include a computer, smartphone, and tablet. When devices are synced, their data is always up-to-date.

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