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Adjust is a commonly used verb that means to modify or change something to make it more accurate, effective, or suitable. There are several synonyms for adjust, including adapt, alter, change, fine-tune, modify, regulate, rectify, and tailor. Adapt implies changing something to fit new circumstances or environments. Alter suggests making changes to the original to achieve a different result. Fine-tune means making small adjustments to improve the performance of something. Modify implies making fundamental changes to achieve a specific objective. Regulate means controlling or regulating something to operate as desired. Rectify means correcting something that is incorrect or inaccurate. Tailor suggests adjusting something to meet the specific needs or demands of a situation or individual.

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How to use "Adjust" in context?

The word "adjust" can refer to a variety of different things. For example, an adjustment could be made to the settings on a device, such as when a TV airs a different show after nighttime. In a more general sense,adjustment can also refer to making any changes that are necessary to improve or accommodate a situation.

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