What is another word for clash?

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Clash is a common word used to describe a violent conflict or disagreement between two or more individuals or groups. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to replace this word, including clash, collision, confrontation, contention, disagreement, discord, dispute, friction, altercation, and skirmish. Each of these words has a slightly different meaning and connotation, but they all share the common theme of conflict or disagreement. By using these synonyms in your writing, you can add variety and depth to your language, and help to paint a clearer picture of the situation or events you are describing. So, whether you're writing a news article, a novel, or a research paper, consider using some of these synonyms to replace the word "clash".

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    Clash, a word that describes a disagreement, argument, or physical fight between two or more parties has its antonyms. The opposite of clash is concord, harmony, or peace. Concord refers to an agreement or accord between different parties, with everyone working together towards a common goal. Harmony refers to the state of being in agreement or blending with another person or thing to form a pleasing or consistent whole. Lastly, peace is a state of calm or tranquility that can be achieved through cooperation and understanding. These antonyms allow us to explore the breadth of language, as well as provide opportunities to engage with them in their various contexts.

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    Everybody is aware how scrupulously France avoided every hostile measure, and, during the critical days preceding the war, withdrew all troops ten kilometres from the frontier to prevent a clash.
    "A History of the Third French Republic"
    C. H. C. Wright
    He was conscious of a curious thrill as he watched and listened to that clash of stupendous forces.
    "The Greater Power"
    Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
    When the clash and rattle of the binder began again she lay still for a long time beneath the sheaves.
    "A Prairie Courtship"
    Harold Bindloss

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