What is another word for telescoped?

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[ tˈɛlɪskˌə͡ʊpd], [ tˈɛlɪskˌə‍ʊpd], [ t_ˈɛ_l_ɪ_s_k_ˌəʊ_p_d]

Telescoping is a term used to describe the action of compressing or shortening an object or idea. Synonyms for this word include "compact," "condense," "compress," "concentrate," "contract," and "shorten." When something is telescoped, it becomes more concise, brief, or smaller in size. Other synonyms include "abridge," "curtail," "reduce," and "shrink." Telescoping can also refer to the action of combining multiple ideas or events into one cohesive whole, which can be represented by synonyms like "consolidate" or "integrate." Ultimately, the word "telescoped" is a versatile term that can be used in a variety of contexts, from descriptions of physical objects to presentations of complex concepts.

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    Telescoped optics are a type of optics where the eyepiece is at a different distance from the telescope main mirror than the focal length of the telescope. This allows for distant objects to be viewed with a short focal length telescope whilst still having a wide field of view. Telescopes using telescoped optics are sometimes colloquially referred to as 'telescopes in a box'.

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