What is another word for flatten?

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There are several synonyms for the word "flatten" including level, smooth, compress, squash, and even out. Each of these words refers to the action of making something flat or more level. For example, if you flatten a piece of dough, you are making it more level and removing any bumps or lumps. Similarly, if you compress a stack of papers, you are flattening them into a more compact form. No matter which synonym you choose to use, the goal is the same - to make something flatter and more even. So if you want to add some variety to your writing, try using one of these synonyms instead of "flatten".

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How to use "Flatten" in context?

In computer jargon, "flatten" means to reduce a data structure, typically a two-dimensional matrix, to one or more dimensions. For example, in statistics, a two-dimensional matrix can be flattened into a vector by assigning a value to each row and column. This operation is needed when the data is to be analyzed in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.

Flattening is also used in artificial intelligence and machine learning when undertaking static or online learning tasks. It is a preprocessing step for various algorithms such as neural networks, Support Vector Machines, and binary classification.

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  • flaten.

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